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Anne-Marie's Prayer

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Dear Lord

We remember all those working at this time to help and support the community. Those who are tending the sick and the elderly, those who are helping the vulnerable and those in need. Those key workers who are keeping the shelves stocked with food or our dustbins empty. Thank you, Lord, for them and their dedication to their work. We pray that at this time that you provide them with the resources they need, whether material or emotional. Dear Lord, bless them at this time.

We remember the government and our leaders. Be with them and guide them in their decision making as they plan the way forward. Give them clarity of vision and wisdom as they plan the next steps for the country.

We pray for the scientists that are collaborating across the globe. We thank you for their knowledge and skills. We pray that you will help them to come up with innovative and safe ways to provide medicines and vaccines to relieve the suffering and end this pandemic.

We remember our families and loved ones. Please protect them and keep them safe. Help us to find new ways to love and support them despite the social distancing.

We pray for the church, for St. Peter's, St. Richard's and St. Andrew's. Help us as Christian communities be able to express your love, hope and peace at this difficult time to the community around us.

Lord, we pray for ourselves. Help us to base our hopes and our lives in your hands and your love. Help us not swayed by the worries of world but have a deep peace rooted in you, knowing that you are with us. Please fill us now, through your Holy Spirit, with your peace. We pray that every day, as we seek you, we will find strength and joy at this time.

In your name we pray


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