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St Peter's Church "E News" Friday 29th May

St. Peter's Church is closed during the current Emergency. For the moment only keyholders who are part of the security monitoring arrangements may enter the church.

Introduction from Canon Tim Marwood (Vicar of Petersham)

Dear member of st. Peter's Church, Petersham

As we wait for the Feast of Pentecost this Sunday, we wait too for the beginning of Step 2 of the Recovery Strategy beginning on Monday the 1st June. This sense of longing is discussed in the essay "The Other Side". Very soon we will hear from the Diocese of Southwark how we should begin the reopening of st Peter's during Step 2. I will contact you as soon as I have more information.

I will email you tomorrow with the link to the Sunday Service recording in out unlisted YouTube channel.

I will pray for you all in the week ahead,


Please email the parish office if you would like to receive the "E News" which include the Bible reading, the homily and the essays.


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