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St Peter's Church "E News" Friday 15th May

Introduction from Canon Tim Marwood (Vicar of Petersham)

Dear Member of St Peter's Church, Petersham,

This week I met on "Zoom" with the leaders of the other seven churches in Ham and Petersham. It was a useful meeting in which we shared the ways in which our churches can work together to care for the local community. One way to serve others in need is to support the Foodbanks. Birgit Michel will be waiting outside St Thomas Aquinas (her local church) on Sundays and Wednesdays, from 4 - 6 pm to receive donations for the Richmond Foodbank.

The Readings for this Sunday "direct us onwards" as Laura Fantucci's lines "When this is over" below. "Building Back Better" is a slogan that has been applied to our healthcare system, our economy and our environmental policy in recent days. There was an excellent "Thought for the day" on this subject by Rabbi Lord Sachs on the "Today" programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning, well worth tracking down to listen to via the BBC Sounds App. As the long Easter season of celebration continues and the feast of Pentecost comes into view we could ask ourselves what is the church going to be like "when this is over". How will we "Build (the church) Back Better"?

I will email you tomorrow with the link to the Sunday Service recording in our Unlisted YouTube channel.

I will be sending a Reflection for The Ascension, this coming Thursday also.

I will pray for you all in the week ahead,



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