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St Peter's Church "E News" Friday 15th January

Dear Members of St Peter’s Church,

“Live” Services have resumed at St Peter’s Church.

Social Distancing of “one metre plus mitigation” is in action in St Peter’s.

Please wear a face covering and use the hand sanitiser on entering the church and follow the one-way system to exit .

The recorded services will continue, we will send the links out fortnightly.

Sunday Club and Youth Group will continue on Zoom on Sunday Mornings in January and February, invitations will be sent to families by email.

The Zoom Social at 10.30 – 11.15 on Thursday mornings, if you would like to join us for a chat, please contact the Parish Office to receive the link.

I will pray for you all in the week ahead.


Canon Tim Marwood (Vicar of Petersham)

These intercessions were written for the 10th of January by John Asbridge and those present at the service who heard them felt that they should be shared more widely, focusing us as they do on the sacrifices made by young people at this time:

At the moment, we frequently and rightly pray for our carers, our support workers, the elderly, the less abled and of course those who are ill.

This, however, is a prayer for the young and healthy:

To have studied hard and then be denied the chance to prove yourself in exams, to have seven years of secondary school just fizzle out, to have no prom or proper results day, that’s tough.

Lord, give strength and resilience to all those who through no fault of their own have had to rethink and adapt their plans and sometimes, their whole lives.

Lord in your mercy:

Hear our prayer.

To be eighteen and in a new job, at college or university and yet be unable to meet friends, to enjoy a drink, go clubbing or to see tutors face-to-face, that’s tough.

Lord, give strength and patience to all those who are missing interaction with others, however helpful ‘Zoom’ and social media may be.

Lord in your mercy:

Hear our prayer.

To have a first serious girl or boyfriend and not be able to be close to them or even allowed to just meet up and hug, that’s tough.

Lord, give strength and reassurance to all those who are missing the comfort of family and friends, and to those unable to visit new-born grandchildren without breaking the law.

Lord in your mercy:

Hear our prayer.

To enjoy sports but to have to be content with just training and the belief that one day there will indeed be a match; to even lose that part-time job that so vitally supplemented your student loan, that’s tough.

Lord give strength and hope to all those who are feeling that life has lost its purpose and that everything is against them.

Lord in your mercy:

Hear our prayer.

To one month be independent, with your own space in a university hall and the next month to be told to remain back at home in your old bedroom along with all the jigsaws and games, that’s tough.

Lord give strength and understanding to all those whose expectations in life are temporarily on hold.

Lord in your mercy:

Hear our prayer.

Confirmation preparation for adults and young

We are hoping to hold a Confirmation service with the Bishop of Kingston on Sunday, 28th February. Preparation will be individually organised using Zoom. If you would like to be Confirmed pleased contact Tim on the Parish Email.

Fast deliveries of essentials and ingredients from Supermarkets

The latest lockdown restrictions may be making it harder to get delivery slots. These are some alternatives that you may find useful in the coming weeks and if you have success elsewhere please let Kate Stapleton know via the Parish Office:

Sainsbury’s Chop Chop ( – this is an app that you download. Get 20 items in 60 minutes. The minimum spend is £15 and delivery is £4.99

Rapid Waitrose ( – offers same-day Waitrose grocery delivery (within 2 hours) and £10 minimum basket spend.

Milk and More ( – The Milkman. The deliveries are made at night, so it is good to have a secure container for your food in case the foxes find it before you do. The phone number is 0345 606 3606.

The Zoom Prayer Group is continuing on Tuesday nights at 8 pm. New members are welcome email

The fourth of our Archdeacons' online services, produced by Ven Dr Jane Steen, is now available on our Diocesan YouTube channel at

The service can also be downloaded from

Job Vacancy – Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre Twickenham Director

CPCC is a faith-based charity operating with a Christian ethos, committed to providing compassionate and constructive non-directive support to those facing unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss, plus education services for young people and vulnerable adults. For further details and application pack visit

Thank you for giving to the collection or by standing order, please consider signing a Gift Aid form. Please consider giving by standing order if you do not already. For details please email:

Safeguarding arrangements at St Peter’s

The Parish Safeguarding Office for St. Peter’s is Fiona Sandford who can be contacted through

If you would like to speak to a priest please telephone the Parish mobile (07786 958 514) or email the Parish Office.

• St Peter’s Church is open only on Sunday mornings. For the moment only keyholders who are part of the security monitoring arrangements may enter the church at any other time.

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