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"E News" Friday, 29th January 2021

Dear Member of St Peter's

This Sunday we remember the "Presentation of Christ in the Temple". This Sunday's reading from the second chapter of St Luke's Gospel (see Blue sheets attached ) describes how Jesus was taken to the Temple in Jerusalem as a baby and is recognised as the long awaited Messiah by Simeon who describes him as "light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory of your people Israel" . This description led to the practice of burning quantities of candles on the feast of the Presentation, hence the alternative name "Candlemas" .

Last Tuesday we reached the point when the total of deaths from Covid 19 in the UK passed the 100,000 mark. A sombre moment indeed, it felt like All Souls had been transferred to January. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York wrote a letter to the nation which you can read by clicking on this link.

The marking of Holocaust Memorial day on Wednesday brought more sombre reflection and also an inspiring message from Chief Rabbi Mervis in which he drew upon the symbolism of light overcoming the darkness . .

These events are linked by the common thread of hope in a better future . A hope symbolised by the light that just one candle can bring to a dark place. As St John wrote in the first verses of his Gospel " The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it."

In these difficult days, when many are weighed down by distress and fear, we need to be people of hope and provide some light in the lives of those that are struggling in our community .Let's be creative about how we are" lights for revelation" to others. The late Willie Whitelaw used to say that his job was "to go about the country stirring up apathy", I look forward to hearing how you go about how you go about" stirring up hope" in our community .

I will pray for you all in the week ahead.


Canon Tim Marwood (Vicar of Petersham)

Bill Crossley RIP

Bill died on the 21st January at home after a long period of ill health. Our thoughts and prayers go to Elizabeth and all Bill's family.

Bill served St Peter's and Petersham in a variety of ways over many years .Bill was perhaps best known at St Peter's through his work as Churchyard Secretary for 25 years. Unfortunately, the Covid restrictions mean that Bill's funeral will be held privately but we will find a way of honouring his memory in the future.

Fortnightly recording of services

We are sending out a recording next week.

“Live” Services have resumed at St Peter’s Church.

Social Distancing of “one metre plus mitigation” is in action in St Peter’s.

Please wear a face covering and use the hand sanitiser on entering the church and follow the one-way system to exit .

Sunday Club and Youth Group will continue on Zoom on Sunday Mornings in January and February, invitations will be sent to families by email.

The Zoom Social at 10.30 – 11.15 on Thursday mornings - if you would like to join us for a chat, please contact the Parish Office to receive the link.

The Zoom Prayer Group is continuing on Tuesday nights at 8 pm. New members are welcome email

Confirmation preparation for adults and young

We are hoping to hold a Confirmation service with the Bishop of Kingston on Sunday, 28th February. Preparation will be individually organised using Zoom. If you would like to be Confirmed pleased contact Tim on the Parish Email.

The sixth of our Archdeacons' online services, produced by Ven. Dr Rosemarie Mallet, is now available on our Diocesan YouTube channel at

An mp4 of this service can also be downloaded from

Order your Easter Eggs from The Real Easter Egg Company

These are brilliant eggs, each with a leaflet telling The Easter Story. To order click on this link:

Thank you for giving to the collection or by standing order, please consider signing a Gift Aid form. Please consider giving by standing order if you do not already. For details please email:

Safeguarding arrangements at St Peter’s

The Parish Safeguarding Office for St. Peter’s is Fiona Sandford who can be contacted through

If you would like to speak to a priest please telephone the Parish mobile (07786 958 514) or email the Parish Office.

• St Peter’s Church is open only on Sunday mornings. For the moment only keyholders who are part of the security monitoring arrangements may enter the church at any other time.

photograph taken by Ben Driver 24th January 2021

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