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A New Year's Eve message with music from St. Peter's

Dear Friends,

Please find below the links to a recorded message and music. My thanks to Ben Driver, Director of Music ,and Lizzy Humphries for their help in producing the recordings.

We will be holding live Services this Sunday at St Peter's as follows.:

8am Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer

9.30am Parish Communion with a talk for children

With best wishes for a happier 2021,


A message for 2021 from Canon Tim Marwood, with music from Lizzy Humphries and Ben Driver.

This complete Playlist contains the Message plus three music videos in one place.

You can click once on 'play all' and it will do so in the right order without further prompting; alternatively you may select individual items from the Playlist once you are there.

The Message recording will be available to you for a week. The individual music items will however remain on YouTube and can be accessed thereafter using their individual video links. Videos have brief accompanying notes (click on the words "Show more" just below the

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